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Dearest Name,

Snow is falling softly here at the North Pole and the elves and Mrs Claus are helping me get ready for the most magical and exciting night of the year...Christmas Eve! I am sure you are very excited as well Name!

Mrs Claus has knitted me a very thick pair of red socks and made me a new velvet hat to wear when I visit you. They will keep me lovely and warm! My Christmas sleigh has new shiny bells on it this year, all ready for our long flight around the world. We shall visit all the boys and girls whose names are on my special golden list. I can see a sparkling star shining right next to one little boy's name on that list. It's your name Name. Well done! Rudolph's nose keeps glowing because he is so excited to be visiting you. Do you think you could leave him an extra crunchy carrot beside your Christmas stocking? He gets so hungry when we fly.

As a very special gift I know you would love to have a toy. Timbles, my chief elf, is searching through the toy workshop and we will do our very best to find it for you. I have heard that this year you have been helpful and kind. That is wonderful news Name. All of us here at the North Pole love to hear you are being so good. Don't forget to tell mummy to be good too.

I need to gather the reindeer now and get them ready for bed as they have a very long journey ahead of them. Make sure you go to bed early on Christmas Eve and don't forget to hang up your stocking! Merry Christmas Name!

Lots of Love,
Father Christmas